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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Arrivals and Collections
Parents and carers - please remain outside the venue for drop off and collection adhering to social distancing measures. When your child arrives for their session they will be temperature checked and will need to sanitise their hands. Please ensure you stay close to the venue until your child has been temperature checked in case they need to return home with you. 

Encore students - Please form an orderly queue to be temperature checked upon arrival and sanitise your hands. 

Face coverings
All tutors will be wearing face coverings / shields and all senior and Encore students will be required to wear face coverings, students under 11 may wear face coverings if they or their parents would prefer them to, if this is the case please ensure Gail / Remy are aware so they can monitor this. (Face covering requirements won’t apply to those who are medically exempt.)

Students will be required to bring their own drumsticks and guitar pics to the sessions. (These will also be available to purchase at the sessions). If students have their own microphones, guitars, bass guitars and associated cables we ask that they bring those with them to use during the session. Can we ask that any equipment brought from home has the students name on it.
For students who don’t have their own equipment, Rock Project equipment will still be available to use.

These will be cleaned between uses and sanitised between sessions. 
During tuition and Plug & Play
Students will be socially distanced during tuition and Plug & Play which may mean less students are able to perform at the same time during the band session. Singers will be limited based on two meters spacing and must all be facing the same direction when performing. 

If you have any specific concerns regarding your child’s individual needs in terms of reopening, do not hesitate to get in touch with Gail or Remy on 07539374709. We will do all we can to ensure that every student’s needs are met. 

We look forward to welcoming each and every student back to The Rock Project!


Get ready to rock!!!
The Rock Project Team

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