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The Rock Project (Kids Sessions)

“Both of my children attend Telford Rock Project and love it with a passion! The confidence they've gained from the encouragement of their tutors is priceless and they make me so proud! I can't thank or praise everyone involved enough.” - Angie

“Two of my kids go, their confidence has come on leaps and bounds. The difference Rock Project has made to both of them has been incredible, I highly recommend this group.” - Sonia


"After being at rock project for just over a year I feel like I have learnt so much I was so nervous at first and I had hardly any confidence but Remy my vocal instructor has brought me out of my shel and now I have so much fun on stage I love it there and recommend it so much." - Chloe

“Awesome people coaching and mentoring amazing students. Love these guys!!!!x” - Bev

“My son has been attending Rock Project for a few years. He has SENs and the staff have been amazing with him, very patient and understanding. I would highly recommend this group as there has never been an issue for my son which due to his needs is an absolute first! Watching him develop and grow as a performer is wonderful.” - Gayle

"I was only seven when I got my first toy drum kit and my dad told me about rock project and how I could learn the drums on my first week I was very nervous but all of the tutors built my confidence up now I am 2 years in and I am a lot more confident and I still enjoy the drums so glad my dad found out about it can’t imagine life without it now rock on!" - Alfie


"Absolutely brilliant. More parents should get their children involved." - Simon

“What a fantastic group! My son always looks forward to his sessions at The Rock Project and enjoys every minute. He wasn’t interested in his drum kit before but now I can’t get him off it. He practices his beats with a big smile on his face. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. You are all amazing!” - Joanna

"This is a brilliant place to come. My two eldest children have recently started to learn instruments here and its lead to me joining too. The team are amazing and the atmosphere when either playing at the unit or on stage is just incredible." - Claire

"Joining rock project was possibly one of the best decisions I could have ever made, starting as a drummer, then being a bassist, then being a guitarist, I can safely say that the tutors are caring, kind, funny, and a general joy to be around. They are all incredibly knowledgeable in their field and will happily answer any questions. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it was always the highlight of my week for 7 years." - Sammy

Encore (Adult Sessions) 

"Great tutors, great fun, nuff said." - Dave

"The tutors are amazing, whether you are a beginner or advanced they show you how to hone your skills. They encourage you to be the best you can be. They are there every step of the way, highly recommend this to anyone." - Catj

"Helpful staff, well organised and great fun. Highly recommended!" - Luke

"Within 12 weeks from picking up a bass, I found myself playing at the end of term gig. Awesome.
Turned up on day one of the spring term and within 45 minutes was playing on stage with full PA and other students. Great concept, managed beautifully by Gail and Remy and the other tutors." - Colin

"Friendly staff, excellent teaching methods and friendly atmosphere." - Malcolm 

"If you think you can’t, these guys will help you prove to yourself you can. Friendship learning and fun all in the same session. Well worth every penny. They’ve taken us through 13 weeks of amazing tuition and ended with an awesome rock gig. Join now..... it’s amazing." - Jules

"Rock Project Encore is just an awesome experience..!! Knowing that you ‘will’ go from student to performer in a few short months. Don’t ever think that you can’t or you won’t ever be able. This team of tutors, whether your passion is Bass, Guitar, Drums or Vocals will give you all the support that you need. Also be prepared to make some life long friends along the way. Keep up the great work R.P.E. You Rock!" - Al

"Absolutely brilliant!! Fantastic tutors full of enthusiasm, encouragement (and patience!). What an experience, definitely going back!" - Ade

"One on the best decisions I have ever made! Finally getting to follow my passion and dream (yeah I know, cheesy!) seriously though this experience has been life changing for me. What a fantastic rock family! Worth every penny! Thankyou guys. X" - Lorna

"Such a special group of people. Love being part of this fantastic project. In 13 weeks I went from a novice bedroom guitarist to playing in front of people to playing a gig in a packed club. The encouragement of the tutors and other students is really great too. Everyone looks out for one another and helps you to come out of your shell. I've made new friends, learned loads and (for a few hours a week) I get to be a rock star. What's not to love." - Chris

"What a place. A great way to interact with different musicians if like myself you are lacking in confidence. Excellent setup. Great people. The whole place has given me the confidence to try to go alone and find a band or even sing myself?! Which i never thought i would. (well it wasn’t exactly there but built up to it.) defo go back when the opportunity arises thanks again for everything." - Matt

Encore reviews
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