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We have introduced a new way of rewarding junior students weekly for excellent behaviour in lesson, break time, the quiz and during Plug n Play. 
Students who exceed expectations in learning the song and behaving well will receive a Star Sticker in Gail's book, and these will be counted and go towards deciding who the Student of the Year award should go to at the end of the year! 
Star Students will also receive small prizes throughout the year when they hit Star goals 10, 20, 30 and so on! 
Parents can check this site weekly for updates on Star Students! 
Stars Students! 8th February 2020


This was a wonderful session with so many awesome Star Students! A big well done to...

David who played completely unassisted in Plug n Play.

Joe who asked great questions and had awesome musical facts during the quiz. 

Ella who absolutely nailed a perfect harmony in Uprising. 

Stars Students! 25th January 2020


This was a fantastic session with lots of fabulous Star Students! A big well done to...

Kobe who behaved extremely well in lesson.

Ewan who was attentive and concentrated in lesson. 

Raven who payed very close attention and even asked for extra tuition during break time!

Stars Students! 18th January 2020


This session we had a several students that received Star Stickers! And all in the bass class... A big well done to...

Josh for helping the two other junior bassists get set up on the stage and getting their instruments on comfortably for securely. (Wrapping the leads!) 

Maisie for concentrating all lesson and doing really well on the  song!

David for absolutely nailing the song! Paying close attention and practicing every chance he got. 

Stars Students! 9th November 2019


This session we had a number of students receive Star Stickers! A big well done to...

Ollie for practicing during break time and paying very close attention during lesson. 

Josh for learning all of this terms songs super quick and improving on them so much!

Raven for learning and playing the intro and solo to The Kill in Plug n Play! 

Stars Students! 19th October 2019


This session we didn't have any Star stickers go into the book, but there was one student that does deserve a mention! 
Joe spent all of break time at the drum kit, continuing to practice this weeks song, as well as looking up the drum notation and doing his best to follow along with it. Well done for the dedication and practice Joe!

Stars Students! 12th October 2019


This session we had several super stars in lessons who all received star stickers in the book! 

Well done to: 

Maisie for learning Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin (last weeks SENIOR song!!) and absolutely smashing it! 

Luca for learning this weeks song and playing it perfectly all the way through in lesson and Plug n Play.

Joe for being extremely attentive, well behaved and asking fantastic theory questions in lesson about drum notation.

Stars Students! 5th October 2019


This session we had several super stars in lessons who all received star stickers in the book! 

Well done to: 

Arthur for concentrating super hard in lesson and paying attention. 

Alec for working really hard to learn the song and asking good questions.

George for raising his hand when he has a question, and concentrating on everything his tutor said.

A big well done to Dylan, who received TWO star stickers this week, for paying close attention, asking good questions, being very polite, encouraging others and for learning the song all the way through! 

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